Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giraffe Tissue Box Cover Puppy Handbag Bear Tissue Roll Dispenser

Puppy Tissue Box Cover - "Bear on the Top" Lace Tissue Box Covers

Decorating your Child's Bedroom and Bathroom with

Fun & Practical Accessories for Less...

Often we forget the simple things we used to enjoy during childhood...an ice cream cone, the smell of our favorite teddy bear? Child psychologists have often remind us that the things we take for granted, often bring the most joy to our children. Decorating your child's room with cute, friendly reminders of the scenery of life, like puppies, bears, giraffes, brings your child closer to the natural world and builds a nurturing character. Build you kid's bedroom and bathroom decor with minor changes that meet the approval of your child, even if not your taste. A good starting point would be with your child's favorite animal, remembering always that bedroom decor for children is an extension of their spirit and passion. Does you child love the holidays? A creative reindeer tissue box cover, may create a magical touch on your child's night table. Most parents do remark that kids bedroom decor is often less expensive and difficult than they anticipated thanks to today's new practical and creative line of accessories.

Is your child a puppy or teddy bear lover? Create an adorable bedroom by adding teddy bear accessories that are cute and practical.

Our "Bear on the Top" collection of children's lace bear tissue box covers adds a layer of sweetness to any decor...

Take your bear on a trip with our "Bear on the Go" plush tissue box cover with straps for traveling. Becomes an ideal asset to your car while traveling by providing tissues to cover sneezing and spills.

Whether at home or on the go, never take your child's imagination for granted.